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Weather Or Not - That Is The Question

Weekend weather forecast for NJ metro

NJ metro weather update: (12:15pm Thursday)

Over the last 24 hours or so, we have endured, what I had mentioned many days ago, to be the coldest time period for the foreseeable future.
We were stuck in the 30s Wednesday afternoon, and most areas were in the upper teens to mid- 20s earlier Thursday morning.

Temperatures are recovering into the 30s as of this posting time -- and I expect the mercury to range between 40 and 45 degrees for highs this afternoon.
The breeze is much, much lighter today, but is still a bit brisk at times.

This evening turns out partly cloudy, with readings dropping back into the 30s.
Overnight, temps will fall into the lower and mid- 30s.

Wake-up on Friday is expected to be partly to mostly cloudy.
Readings begin the day out the door to work and school in the mid- 20s to lower 30s.
A weak weather system will be moving through during the late-morning and mid-day hours -- and can bring some light, scattered rain-showers to NJ metro.
We should get to 50 degrees with enough brightening of the skies over the course of the day.

Wide-ranging temps with a tricky weather front expected this weekend...

A warm front will be "in the neighborhood" during Saturday and Sunday.
Where this exactly takes up residence will determine the communities that reach 60 degrees or higher, and who stays stuck in the 50s, or even as chilly as the 40s.
Locations as close as Deleware and Maryland, south-westward to Baltimore and Washington DC, will likely be in the upper 60s and lower 70s on Saturday and Sunday.

This front not only determines our temperatures, but, may also generate some showers each day.... more focused for Sunday.
However, this is also newly suggested by the GFS model for later Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening.

This forecast remains general and non-specific due to the uncertainty of this weather front.
Future weather data will help with a more localized nature to our expected temps and rain chances.

More updates soon.